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Wood Technology


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Students engage in an instructional environment where academic and technical preparation focuses on career awareness, career exploration and skill preparation in woodworking. The knowledge and skills emphasized include written and manufacturing activities. Within these educational exercises students develop essential cognitive abilities, inter/intrapersonal communication skills, and work to complement gross motor function with fine motor skills.

CTE Pathways, commonly referred to as “shop or industrial arts classes” are educational programs that teach and practice the fabrication of objects in metal and/or wood using various machines and hand-powered tools. Industrial arts class exposes students to general home repair, machine safety techniques, and manual craftsmanship. As students design their projects, they must overcome challenges, work with materials, and ultimately complete a solution. These programs have evolved over the years, allowing girls to participate in co-ed classrooms that were once a boys-only program. Industrial arts has also developed a demand for individuals with skills in a particular area, such as innovative appliance design. A career in industrial arts in modern times allows a student to incorporate evolving technology into a design using training for a craft comprised of manual labor.


The general purpose of industrial arts classes is to incorporate the technological training learned with personal career development. Students who are trained in industrial arts have the capabilities to contribute their training in a society, whether it’s a career in design or manufacturing. Many common skills are taught in these “shop classes”, such as basic welding skills, woodcutting, general machine shop practices, and shop safety. 


Recent Team Successes 


Press-Enterprise Art Show:

2019: Best in Show


District Art Show:

2018: 1st and 2nd place Female


Art Show:

2019:  Female 1st place, 4th place

2019:  Male 1st place, 2nd place

2019:  Female,1st place