Community Scholarship Portfolio

Here is the link to submit portfolio: 
Reminder: DUE DATE - 2/24/19 at 3pm
What is the Community Scholarship Portfolio?


General Information 

Your community scholarship application portfolio is a personal profile that will be read by members of various scholarship committees. Each scholarship committee creates criteria for selection and carefully screens the appropriate portfolio to find the most suitable applicant. Scholarship criteria may include any one or more of the following descriptions:

  • Financial need (aka “Need Based”)
  • A plan to attend either a two or four year college
  • Completion of volunteer work
  • An intended course of study (major) such as engineering, art or career technical training
  • Excellent academic performance demonstrated by GPA and rigor of coursework
  • Special talent(s)
  • Others…

You must complete scholarship portfolio now available online. Your portfolios will be printed and assembled EXACTLY as stated in the instructions that are provided. It is important that all portfolios be completed with the correct information in the same manner to keep the process as fair as possible.

After you submit your portfolios, your portfolios will be sent out to the sponsors of the scholarships for which you qualify. 

Scholarship portfolios are due by Friday February 8, 2019 by 1:30 p.m. Please submit your community scholarship application portfolio ONLINE. No late portfolios will be accepted. Of course, you may submit your portfolio BEFORE the deadline. 

Your scholarship application and portfolio will be deleted by the second week of July.

 What kind of scholarships are available? 

Community Scholarship Portfolio Scholarships 

Listed are characteristics that Sponsors are looking for in order to award their particular scholarship. This list should be used to encourage students with all abilities and backgrounds to complete a portfolio. This list is not exhaustive as new scholarships are added frequently. 

Scholarships for Students Include (but are not limited to):

  • In Special Education
  • Participated in sports (tennis, football, etc)
  • Majoring in business or related field
  • Majoring in education or related field
  • Good GPA
  • Involvement in community service
  • Working students
  • Entering law enforcement or fire fighting
  • Majoring in music
  • Financial need
  • Majoring in art
  • Leadership in clubs or sports
  • Majoring in agriculture
  • Attending community college
  • Special circumstance
  • Foster youth
  • Attending UC Riverside (full ride scholarship)
  • Dependent of a SJUSD employee
  • Plan on attending MSJC for math or computers

How do I Upload my Documents?


Please follow these instructions carefully and completely. Your community scholarship application portfolio must have all of the following information in order to be accepted. All scholarship portfolio pages are available on the SJHS Counseling website. If you have any questions, see Mr. Carmona in the counseling center.


**Many forms for the portfolio will need to be scanned and uploaded online at the same time. You can stop by the library during intervention, lunch or after school for any assistance from the librarian, Ms. Seward.

**Please remember that you will need to scan and upload several pages to your scholarship portfolio. You can stop by the library during intervention, lunch and after school for any assistance.