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SJHS Math Courses / Placement Protocol

San Jacinto High School Math Placement Protocol

Placement in appropriate math courses is critical for students during middle and high school.  Proper placement in the sequence of math courses reduces barriers to learning as well as ensures that students are competitive for college admissions, including admissions to the California State Universities (CSU) and University of California (UC) colleges.  CSU and UC systems recommend that students take a rigorous math course (pre-calculus or higher) during their senior year.  The below placement is based on students who earn a C or better during second semester.  Students who earn a D or F are recommended to retake the course during restart classes, summer school or in Edmentum (online credit recovery). Per BP6152 SJUSD is required to share math placement and protocol online.

Placement Protocol

  1.  During course selection in February/March, 8th graders will select their 9th grade math course based on the above pathways.  School counselors will review the student’s transcript to ensure that students select appropriate math course.  
  2. Course selection for students in high school who will be entering grades 10 through 12  has two components and takes place between February and March. One component of the process is the course selection presentation conducted by the school counselors. The presentation will include a review of the graduation requirements, the A-G requirements, post-secondary options, the four year plan review (IAP), and instructions for class selection.  Students will complete the course selection form and select their classes online via the Individual Academic Plan.  The second component of course selection includes an individual meeting with a school counselor.  During this time the school counselor will review the student’s post-secondary plan and check to ensure that the student has properly selected courses.  Math placement is reviewed at this time.
  3. Prior to the start of the school year students will receive a copy of their unofficial schedule during registration.  At that time if a student is misplaced in a class, missing a graduation requirement or an A-G requirement a schedule change form will be completed by the student or parent.  School counselors will review each schedule change form and make adjustments as necessary.
  4. If parents believe that their student is misplaced in a math class they can complete a schedule change request during registration or contact their child’s school counselor.