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Welcome to the awesome world of John-Henry Cottrell. I'm grew up in Escondido, CA where I ran track and Cross Country. From there my life has been a maze of different avenues. I first ran at MtSAC and majored in architecture for two years before deciding to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. I have lived in five States and two Countries. I met my wife while stationed in Okinawa, Japan and have two kids; 17 and 13. I have been deployed to Ar Ramadi, Iraq during OIFII, helped the the Border Patrol fight the Cartel in Arizona, helped fight the largest forest fire in US history in Idaho, worked at the Pentagon as an adviser for Iraqi relations, and many more things. I was in the MECEP program at Oregon State University where I changed my major to Geology. I left early to be deployed to Iraq. When I returned I pieced my degree together at 7 different universities and colleges as getting a degree while in the Marine Corps causes its own difficulties.

This is my seventh year teaching, third year at San Jacinto High School, which I have taught physics and chemistry. I love how things operate and how they work. This might come from my love of building hot rods and working with wood, to include construction. I built my my first car at the age of 15, a 1962 Merc Comet; painted it, upholstered it, and put in three engines all in my backyard. I currently have a 68 Pontiac with a 455 bored0.0030 over...

My goal is to teach students the lost art of problem solving, while giving them a love for science that they felt when they were younger. College preparation is important for me as almost 50% of all college freshman drop out their first year. I am looking not just for success today, but in the future as well.

I am also the club advisor for two clubs:
The Fermi Paradox, which discusses astrobiology, a study where to find life in the universe which requires the combination of chemistry, physics, Earth sciences, biology and engineering.
Particle People, the study of particle physics, which includes the Master class. This in conjunction with UCR's Physics Dept and the CERN.