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As a passionate Technical Education advocate I center my focus on student understanding and growth. Through Industrial Wood Technology students will learn to listen, reason, practice and produce in a meaningful manner. These skills will help them successfully communicate visually and inter-personally their whole life. Overall my goal as an educator is to maintain a constructive and creative environment that fosters communication and will help students realize their own unique potential. I look forward to our students exceeding our expectations.
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Back To School Night Teacher Introduction Video

Welcome to my classroom as I introduce our Wood technology program during this distance learning. Our Program is broken down into 4 years elective Wood Tech 1 (9th -12th Grade) Elective Pre Industrial Furniture Design (10th -12 with prerequisite wood1) Visual Art Wood Tech 3 (11th-12th with prerequisites) Elective Wood Tech 4 (12th grade completing the program) Elective Special Projects (12th grade Lab class) Elective