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Visual and Performing Arts Overview

The San Jacinto High School Visual Arts Department offers students a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that explores various artistic mediums and techniques. Students have the opportunity to develop their creative skills in areas such as drawing, painting, sculpture, music, and vocal choir. Our visual arts department aims to foster artistic expression, critical thinking, and visual literacy among students, encouraging them to explore and experiment with different artistic styles and approaches. Through hands-on projects, critiques, and exhibitions, students are able to showcase their talents and develop a deeper understanding of the visual arts. Our  programs also provide opportunities for students to participate in competitions, exhibitions, and community art events, allowing them to gain real-world experience and recognition for their work. Overall, the San Jacinto High School visual arts program strives to inspire and nurture the artistic talents of its students, preparing them for future careers in the arts or further study in higher education.

Curriculum Courses in Fine Arts:

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Ceramics I/II
  • IB Visual Arts
  • Draw Paint I/II
  • Theatre Arts

Extracurricular Fine Arts:

  • Drumline
  • Art Club
  • Fall Play
  • Spring Musical
  • Talent Show
  • Annual Fine Arts Festival

“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.” Harvey Fierstein