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Theatre Arts



Welcome to the San Jacinto Tiger Theatre!theater


The Theatre Program's core values can be summed up in the acronym W/PRIDE:

  • W/ - Witness
  • P - Performance
  • R - Relationships
  • I - Integrity
  • D - Diligence
  • E - Excellence


Theatre Courses


Intro to Drama: Intro to Drama is an entry-level class designed to acquaint students with the fundamentals of acting and basic creative and imaginative processes. Through various activities - such as reading, writing, acting exercises, performance analysis, discussions, and projects - students will have an increased understanding of the historical, cultural, creative, and aesthetic aspects of theatre and performance.


Beginning Technical Theatre: Students will demonstrate knowledge and operation of an assortment of hand tools and power tools, and be able to use them independently. Students will grasp the basic principles of theatrical design, and gain knowledge and practical experience as a stage technician, building sets, hanging and manipulating lighting instruments, applying and designing makeup, basic costuming, and skills necessary for running a production. 


Advanced Theatre Production: This course is an advanced class that will extend and refine students’ acting and theatre skills through directing, character study, vocal enhancement, emotional expression, and critical exploration of historical and modern theatre. Students will also work with and understand the technical aspects of theatre such as stage design, directing sills, production tasks.


Theatre Club: Thespian Troupe 4683: San Jacinto High School is part of the National Educational Theatre Association (EdTA)and participates in the International Thespian Society. These organizations provide students even more opportunities to enhance and refine their theatre skills. Each fall, the theatre productions put on by the school are adjudicated in the Southern California Section of the EdTA for competition. Students are able to win various acting and technical awards for their skills completed in the production at this competition and at additional competitions held by various organizations around the state. Students can are able to attend conferences and hold leadership positions in the school Troupe and at the national level.


Activities and Events:


  • Theatre Club: Thespian Troupe 4683
  • Thespian Student Leadership Conference
  • Fall Production
  • Fall and Spring Talent Shows
  • CETA Conference
  • Spring Musical
  • Theatre Drammy Gala Event
  • Thespian Induction Ceremony