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Athletic Physicals & Clearance

CIF RULES AND District policy require that any student who intends to participate in an athletic contest must comply with special regulations. These rules are not negotiable and will result in game forfeiture if a school/student fails to comply.
Athletes MAY NOT participate in any of our sports programs, including Summer sports camps until they have received approval through the Athletic Director’s Office.  Home Campus is designed to ensure that all athletes are healthy for participation and that both parents and athletes understand the inherent risks that accompany athletic competition. Once an athlete receives Athletic Clearance from our Athletic Administration, it is valid for ONE YEAR. Athletes must repeat the process each year they plan on participating in our programs.
The following steps must be completed in order, or your athletic clearance will be delayed:
  1. Registration online Click Here

  2. A sports physical examination from a medical doctor submitted to Athletic Director (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Home Campus was formed in 2010 when the CIF Southern Section (CIF-SS) needed Athletic Association Software to help streamline operations from the CIF-SS office and their member school.


Home Campus has found its niche in specialized Athletic Management Software that helps Associations and Athletic Directors be more productive and efficient within their organizations. Through platforms that help parents and student-athletes register for athletic participation, to software that manages the complicated and cumbersome process of transfers, Home Campus will make every Association and Athletic Department more efficient.

Registration  Open Now
Please note: If you do not upload your physical a hard copy will be required and may delay clearance process. 
Please submit the top signature page of the athletic packet (in hard copy form) in order to be cleared.  All other signed documents need to be done online.  If you have any questions please feel free to call the Athletic office at 951-654-7374 ext. 2432


If you want to participate in multiple sports please note the instructions attached.  You will need to register for each additional sport separately.


It is also required that the following be satisfied:

      1. Complete the “Online Registration Process” 
      2. Have a physical examination by a medical doctor. (Student-athletes must have a physical every
          school year.) Upload a copy during the online registration process OR submit a hard copy to the Athletic 

      3. Be academically eligible. Each grading period, a student-athlete must pass a minimum of 4  
          classes and must maintain a 2.0 G.P.A.
      4. Be eligible under all CIF Rules and Regulations.
      5. Insurance is required to participate. If insurance is needed see Pacific Educator Insurance click here

      6.  Enroll in, attend & pass at least twenty (20) units;  Maintain a 2.0 GPA

      7.  Return the Online Athletic Signature page (signed and dated) to the Athletic Office.  See attachment

  • It is highly encouraged that each student obtain an ASB (Associated Student Body) card (through the Student Store)