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Mt. San Jacinto College Dual/Concurrent Enrollment

Step by step on how to apply to MSJC

SJHS Concurrent Enrollment Policy


Concurrent Enrollment

San Jacinto Unified School District students who enroll in concurrent enrollment courses will be allowed to receive the following high school credit, provided they earn a C or better in the below courses.  Prior to enrolling, the students must complete the concurrent enrollment process. This includes completing the matriculation process for MSJC (application, orientation) and completing the concurrent enrollment form each semester, which requires Principal’s authorization.

High school courses cannot be dropped without proof of enrollment into the MSJC course or transcript from MSJC. Ten high school credits will be awarded for each 3 or more unit course. Only classes that are UC/CSU transferable will be weighted. Non-transferable courses will not be weighted.  



English 101, 101H, 103, 103 H

English 3 or 

English 4

Math 105, 110, 115, 135, 140, 211,212,212H, 213, 213H, 215, 218

Math credit for 3rd or 4th year (does not count for algebra/Math 1 and geometry/Math 2 )

Economics 201, 201H, 202, 202H


Political Science 101, 101H


Astronomy 101, 111; Chemistry 100,101, 102,107,112,113;

Environmental Studies 100, 100H, 101, 101H Geology 100, 103, 105, 110, 111 Physics 100, 101, 102, 201, 202, 202H

Physical Science Credit or 3rd Year of Science Credit

Anatomy & Physiology 101, 102; Anthropology 101, 101H, 111; Biology 100, 100H, 115, 115H, 116, 117, 125, 125H, 130, 131, 131H, 134, 135, 135H, 140, 144, 146, 150, 150H, 151, 151H

Biological/Life Science or 3rd Year of Science Credit

American Sign Language 100 ;French 101; Spanish 101, 101B, 202, 202H

World Language Credit

Art 100, 101, 101H, 103, 103H, 104, 104H;

Dance 100+, 125, 133, 225; Music 100, 100H, 106, 107, 107H, 108, 108H

Theater Arts 102, 135, 150

Visual/Performing Arts Credit

Other MJSC Courses (3 or more credits)

Elective credit awarded.

Here is an updated MSJC online application tutorial on YouTube!
Apply to MSJC in less than 30 minutes!  Play, pause, rewind, repeat, submit. And share! 
MSJC will meet with high school seniors in early spring 2021 to apply and to meet with an MSJC Transitional Counselor for Ed Plans so that you have every chance for early registration for fall 2021. 
Finally, virtual tour of MSJC's newest campus, TVC right off the 215 frwy. in Temecula (2 min.);
MSJC's Financial Aid continues their Get the Money live series - one more offered on October 28 and the link to attend is attached. These are helpful and have been very well attended!  Please see the attached PDF to attend for help with your financial aid application!