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Mt. San Jacinto College Dual/Concurrent Enrollment

Step by step on how to apply

SJHS Concurrent Enrollment Policy


Concurrent Enrollment


San Jacinto Unified School District students who enroll in concurrent enrollment courses will be allowed to receive the following high school credit.  Prior to enrolling, the students must complete the concurrent enrollment process. This includes completing the matriculation process for MSJC (application, orientation) and completing the Student-Parent Agreement Form each semester, which requires the Principal's authorization.


High school courses cannot be dropped without proof of enrollment into the MSJC course or transcript from MSJC. Ten high school credits will be awarded for each 3 or more unit courses. Only classes that are UC/CSU transferable will be weighted. Non-transferable courses will not be weighted.  




English (ENGL) 101, 103

English 3 or 

English 4

Math 105, 110, 115, 135, 140, 211,212, 213,  215, 218

Math credit for 3rd or 4th year (does not count for geometry/Math 2 )

Economics 201, 202


Political Science (PS) 101


Astronomy 101, 111; Chemistry 100,101, 102,107,112,113

Environmental Studies 100, 100H, 101, 101H Geology 100, 103, 105, 110, 111 Physics 100, 101, 102, 201, 202

Physical Science Credit or 3rd Year of Science Credit

Anatomy & Physiology 101, 102 Anthropology 101, 102, 101H, 111; Biology 100, 100H, 115, 115H, 116, 117, 125, 130, 131, 134, 135, 140, 144, 146, 150, 151

Biological/Life Science or 3rd Year of Science Credit

American Sign Language 100, 101

French 101,102; Spanish 101, 102, 103 101B, 201, 202

World Language Credit

Art 100, 101, 102,103, 104,108, 109, 115, 120, 151, 160

Dance 100, 120, 125, 127, 133, 225; Music 100,101, 103, 106, 107, 108 

Theater Arts 101

Visual/Performing Arts Credit

Other MSJC Courses (3 or more credits)

Elective credit awarded.

Students interested in participating in the MSJC Honors Enrichment Program can find more information on




Concurrent Enrollment Recommendations from MSJC: 


English courses as ENGL 101 are not recommended for students under the 11th grade as they will not have met the prerequisite of the course per AB 705; as taking a college English College course below the 11th grade will limit their ability to complete the 4 years of English needed to complete the requirements for A-G without having to go backwards in their English education. This is not a barrier it is to enhance their ability for success. Students MUST also have a 2.6 overall GPA to be considered for ENGL 101. Therefore, we will be recommending the student take other courses that will enhance their educational journey. Below are the recommendations for 9th and 10th graders. As a reminder CSCR 100 is highly recommended for all students. 



ECON 201 is not recommended for students under the 12th grade. There is not a grade level for eligibility for this course but there is math prerequisite of Math 90 which could be met with AB 705 Placement after the 11th; therefore, we will be recommending the student take other courses that will enhance their educational journey.



Students interested in enrolling in any mathematics course at MSJC are required to have a 3.0 overall GPA


Taking a college class for the first time?

The following classes are recommended for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students taking classes at MSJC for the first time: 

  • AJ-101 Criminal Law (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU 
  • HIST-103 World History to 1500 (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • AJ-102 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • HIST-104 World History from 1500 (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • ASL-100 American Sign Language I (4 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • MUS-100 Introduction and Appreciation of Music (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • ART-100 Art Appreciation (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • MUS-107 Introduction and Appreciation of American Music (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • CSCR 100- College Success and Career Readiness (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU  CSU General Education Only 
  • MUS 108-History of Jazz and Blues (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • DAN-100 History and Appreciation of Dance (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • NUTR 101-Introduction to Nutrition Science Transfer to CSU only 
  • GEOG-101 Physical Geography (3 units) NON-STEM science course  Transfers to both UC/CSU
  • SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish I (4 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE
  • HS-121 Fundamentals of Healthful Living (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU CSU General Education Only
  • THA-101 Introduction to Theater (3 units) Transfers to both UC/CSU IGETC GE

MSJC Notice regarding AP Scores: In an effort ensure that students have the opportunity to enhance their academic record and that they are on the correct path for college degree or certificate completion and transferability, a student with a “pending” Advanced Placement (AP) score(s) or AP class in progress the student will be advised to register in another discipline course. Please be advised that this is not to create a barrier in success; instead, it is to create greater access to college level coursework.

MSJC D/F Grade Policy 
Students who receive a D or F grade in a college course, may not repeat the course while in high school
Fee Registration Waiver Reminder:
Students who want to opt-out of the $2 Student Rep, $7 SGA fee, $22 Health Fee, and others fees must do so prior to registering for their course(s) each semester to avoid being charged these fees during the registration process

Other Mandatory Student Fees: 

Students may be responsible to pay any mandatory fees issued by MSJC including, but not limited to, $2 Student Rep Fee, $7 SGA Fee, $22 Health Fee, transcript order fee, course materials, etc. 

Students may be eligible to waive certain fees IF requested prior to registration each semester in their MSJC Self Service. 

Transcript Submissions Reminder:
Please submit any and all MSJC Transcripts to SJHS by January 31st!! 
You can physically drop off (in a sealed envelope) to the Registrar's Office Room 118 or you can have it sent electronically to Ms. Lisa Aldrich at Lisa Aldrich [email protected] when ordering transcripts online. 
Here is the link for the MSJC Transcript RequestPlease keep in mind there might be a fee associated with ordering transcripts. 
The MSJC Summer 2024 Form is due to the SJHS Counseling Office or Front Office for signatures by Monday, April 22nd at 3:35pm. The signed form is then due to MSJC by April 30th via the HUB. No exceptions!
  • Late forms will not be accepted! 
  • Hardcopy forms will ONLY be accepted with actual signatures from student and parent (no electronic forms)